Twin Town Tyrant Records


Twin Town Tyrant Records began with the release of a single compilation of Midwestern underground metal bands by Cannibal (Rob Carlson). Although it was not his intention to release anything further, Cannibal worked with Human Bashing upon request and released their “Provoking the Wicked” album. It was quite successful for the label’s first release. At that time Cannibal was working with a partner who decided the record label business was not for him, so he enlisted the aid of Iron Man (Chris Stark) in distribution and consumer relations. They became full partners after a short time; so it remains to this day.

Many more bands have approached Cannibal and Iron Man since the humble beginnings of Twin Town Tyrant Records and the label has grown exponentially. At this point in time, artists affiliated with the label include:

Homicidal Aggression | Compulsive Mutilation | Towering Abomination | Acanthostega | Slaughtered Remains | Ripsnorter | Glutton for Punishment | Human Bashing | Mastiff | Disabler | Tempestuous | Nonetheless | Agrinex | Habitual Defilement

If you’re interested in purchasing albums and merchandise from Twin Town Tyrant Records, check out their online store! Click on the images below to learn more about the owners:

Rob Carlson Member Card Chris Stark Member Card