Member Spotlight: Gooch

Gooch Member CardName: Jeremy Price

Club Name: Gooch

Rank: Prospecting MN Vice President

Time Served:
⦁ Prospected – December 2011
⦁ Patched – July 2012
⦁ Ranked – Captain December 2012
⦁ Prospected for Rank – MN Vice President April 2016

Interests: NYDM, shows, music, beer, hanging with family, friends, and his children

Instruments: Bass and Vocals

Bands: Outside the Murder, Element 33, Lowlife, Finkle Mush Head

Favorite Genres: anything metal, classical, outlaw country, punk, funk/disco

Favorite Bands: Sepultura, Soulfly, Crush Your Enemies, En Masse, Solution Thirteen, Remnants Of The Afterbirth, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Motley Crue, Primus, Sub-Level, Glutton For Punishment, Anthrax, DRI, Wu-Tang Clan

Gooch was born in South Dakota in 1978. He moved around for a bit, then settled in Minnesota. He first got into metal in fifth grade and has loved it ever since. He strayed from metal a little in the early ‘90s, then around ‘95 or so metal took him back to the right path. Gooch has two sons; Optimus Price and Jack Price. He thanks his big brother, Tom Price, for introducing him to metal.

Gooch’s experiences while being involved with NYDM have been life-changing. He has discovered many new bands and has been introduced to different genres he normally wouldn’t have heard. All the bonds and friendships he has made since he started his journey as a prospect have been nothing short of amazing. Gooch’s travels to various chapters and regions are another thing that is eye-opening because they have allowed him to see new places and visit his NYDM familia in their areas, not just his. He loves this club and is very glad he is apart of this world wide familia. Gooch says, “Cheers to you all! ML&R”

Favorite Quote: “See you in Hell. Suppose you will save me a place by the fire!” -Gooch

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