Member Spotlight: Heather Litter

Heather Litter Member CardName: Heather Litter

Club Name: Spiritdancer (Native American Name)

Rank: WI Treasurer, Prospecting WI Vice President

Time Served:
⦁ Began Prospecting – Fall 2011
⦁ Patched – Winter 2011
⦁ Ranked – Treasurer, Winter 2011
⦁ Prospected for Rank – WI Vice President, Summer 2016

Interests: shows, camping, Native American culture, science, poetry, reading, wildlife, Lakota language

Instruments: flute, piano, Native American flute

Favorite Bands: Acid Bath, Suffocation, Autopsy, Forbidden, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Pantera, Slayer, and almost every hair band from the 80’s


Heather is a microbiologist/analytical chemist, a mom, and part Oglala Sioux. She currently resides in Delafield, Wisconsin. Her first concert was Alice Cooper and the first heavy band she heard was Rigor Mortis. She has been in love with metal ever since. Heather used to write CD reviews for a zine called Adrenalin Metal Union. She currently promotes shows and helps out in any way needed. Once will often see her helping out at the door at the shows the attends.

Deeply connected with her Native American roots, Heather is in the process of learning the Lakota language. She also can speak a bit of French. She is a member of Wildlife in Need, an organization that helps injured animals as well as teaches classes about them. Heather is looking to one day be more involved with that organization. She has a fascination with penguins and was privileged to pet one in Chicago in 2014. She also loves waterfalls and was able to see her first real one at Bond Falls! Her only real fear is heights and thus airplanes. She is a fan of sports cars, football, and Jack Daniels.  She has been to the Minnesota and New York NYDM Annuals. Other than that, I she is just a Native American girl that loves metal, shows (outdoor camping shows especially), and her NYDM brothers and sisters. Heather says, “Cheers! NFLAD!”

Favorite Quote: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost

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