Member Spotlight: Andy Pandemic

Andy Pandemic Member CardName
: Andy Piotrzkowski

Club Name: Pandemic, Infernal Andy

Rank: Warrior

Time Served:
⦁ Began Prospecting – Spring 2008
⦁ Patched – Winter 2008
⦁ Ranked – Treasurer 2010
⦁ Returned to Warrior – Winter 2011

Interests: cars, learning to play guitar, heavy metal music, travelling

Instruments: guitar, drums

Favorite Genres: anything metal

Favorite Bands: Unearth, Cannibal Corpse, Naglfar, Allegaeon


Andy’s metal influence began with the guys with whom he used to skateboard. He was into mainstream radio rock at the time, but was introduced to bands like Deicide and Dying Fetus. After a while he started going to shows and when he enrolled in college, started working for The Heavy Metal Meltdown on radio 91FM WSUP in Platteville, WI. From there, his growth exploded. He learned about many metal bands, met them, and did interviews.

Andy was exposed to NYDM when he became friends with Will Rahmer (NYDM Interational President and Founder) and Randell Salmon (NYDM Interational President and Founder) in 2007. He became curious about the club so he asked Randell about the Wisconsin chapter and how he could start one if it didn’t yet exist. Two days later he was contacted by a former member about meeting Don Decker (RIP NYDM 5SRC President Emeritus) at a concert. After a conversation with Don, Andy drove 205 miles round trip on a Wednesday evening to meet him. Don had just finished eating at Iron Skillet in Portage, WI when Andy arrived. A fifteen minute conversation and a handshake later, his prospecting journey began.

After a Madball/Suicidal Tendencies concert at Station 4 in Minneapolis, MN, Andy was patched in Don’s apartment. He is the second to last person to be patched in by Don, with Randy Kastner (NYDM Midwest Regional President and Savage Council Representative) being the very last.

Favorite Quote: “Intellectual capacity is no guarantee against being dead wrong.” -Carl Sagan

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