Member Spotlight: Chad Joykiller

Chad Joykiller Member CardName: Chad Elliott

Club Name: Chad Joykiller, Egg

Rank: Prospecting Captain

Time Served:

⦁ Began Prospecting – Summer 2013
⦁ Patched – April 26, 2014
⦁ Prospected for Rank – Prospecting Captain April 23, 2016

Interests: metal, music in general, bacon, pets, video games, your mom, confrontation, progress

Bands: Order of the Jackal, Murdercore, Guilty as OJ, Drop 300, Malice in Wonderland

Instruments: guitar, bass, drums, trombone, tuba

Favorite Genres: thrash, death metal, technical metal, classical, jazz

Favorite Bands: Slayer, Brain Drill, Sepultura


Born in 1974 a 3-legged son of a bitch with a bad attitude and a chip on his shoulder, Chad got into metal around the age of thirteen. It was then that his brother, Mike, handed him his first CD – DRI, followed by a Pantera mud mosh pit with sandles. His pinky toes are still turned sideways. He was hooked for life.

Chad has played and still plays in multiple bands. He is currently a recording engineering/live sound production student as well as a promoter in Wisconsin. He got into promoting about fifteen years ago, but it really hooked him when he decided to have the first Murderstock in his backyard because he was bored and wanted to fuckin’ party. Chad has been promoting ever since.

Chad is one of four owners of Savage Media Productions, based out of Madison, WI along with Cliff Funruiner (NYDM 5SRC WI Warrior), Terry Happybringer (NYDM 5SRC WI Warrior), and Shane-O-Mac and Cheese (NYDM 5SRC WI Prospect); his three best homies and brothers-in-arms. He has three cats, two dogs, three kids, one girlfriend, and a thousand fawning heartbroken mothers that will never stand a chance… unless he is drinking…

Favorite Quote: “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.” -Abraham Lincoln

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