2016 Release Updates for Twin Town Tyrant Records

Hey kids, quick update here! Chris and I have been extremely busy with our day jobs’ work schedules picking up, which hasn’t allowed us to start putting this blog together. However, we still haven’t slowed down from setting up at shows, promoting, working with bands, and releasing new material. There’s a lot of great material we’ve recently put out and much more is on the way. We’re happy to give you a little sample of what Twin Town Tyrant Records has in our back of tricks!

Glutton for Punishment2015 ended with a bang on December 30th. Glutton for Punishment‘s sophomore release, “Purified in Blood“, brought forth another true-to-form, brutal death metal offering. Soon after in 2016, we released a three song, self-titled EP with NoneTheLess from Walker, MN. This is the first “groove metal” group we’ve worked with. NoneTheLess is a new band with a ton of enthusiasm and they’re hitting it hard with many shows lined up through summer. All the while, they’re working on their full-length album that will be available in 2017.NoneTheLess

Tempestuous has been around off and on since 2000. Finally, with a stable line-up and the right creative atmosphere, they released their second recording to follow up their self-titled EP in 2001. “Born Into These Waters” is 15 years of pent-up riffs that assault your ears with some groove and thrash. Tempestuous is playing plenty of gigs through the summer and they’re itching to get back into the studio. They have a lot of catching up to do.Tempestuous

In our first venture for a joint release, we teamed up with Zero Budget Records (also out of Minneapolis, MN) to release a monster of a heavy album by Mastiff: “From the Ash of Elders“. There’s a little bit of everything on this album; thrash, death, doom, groove, and more. You just can’t go wrong! Their CD release show was April 15th at Club Underground in Minneapolis and was sold out to an Mastiffover-capacity crowd! Other great bands on the bill that night were Cantharone, Glutton for Punishment, Gar, and Gorgatron.

For our second black metal release, we started working with Agrinex out of Des Moines, IA. They’re a perfect fit for Twin Town Tyrant Records alongside Acanthostega. These guys have been working hard for a couple years and it’s paying off through their new CD: “Forsaken Ancestral Blood“. Give it a spin! You won’t be disappointed.

AgrinexUpcoming (already in our hands!) is the brutal ecstasy that is Towering Abomination. Technical to the core, these guys can skillfully play and have fun doing it! Releasing May 7th is their self titled debut CD release show, May 7th at the Metal Grill in Milwaukee, WI. Also, be sure to check out their new video done by Allan Towne and Jackson Wolfe of Undead Scene. In the pipeline for this summer is a live EP from Glutton for Punishment, featuring their new drummer, Eric Baumgard. There’s also a promotional Towering Abominationcompilation in the works and a possible new release from Homicidal Aggression.

Stay tuned for more and check out our online store if you’d like to add this great music to your collection!

Rob Carlson: NYDM 5SRC MN Enforcer – President of Twin Town Tyrant Records


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