What’s Metal This Week?

If you want a show in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin to be added to our METAL CALENDAR, here’s how to let us know:

Our Contact Us form

Email: nydm5srcnews@gmail.com

Twitter: @NYDM5SRC

Facebook: NYDM 5 State Regional Chapter Facebook Page

For those who use Facebook on a more personal level:

Shows in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota are added the the calendar by Logos Ironpaw: NYDM 5SRC MN Captain.

Iowa shows can be brought to the attention to Chad Willey: NYDM 5SRC IA Warrior.

Keeping track of Northern Wisconsin shows is the responsibility of Eric Kwiatkowski: NYDM 5SRC Vice President, Milwaukee and the surrounding area is overseen by Paul Ochtrup: NYDM 5SRC WI Warrior, and Eastern/Southeastern Wisconsin all the way to Madison is cared for by Tore Jones: NYDM 5SRC WI Prospect.

Here’s what’s going on this week! You can click on each flyer or link for more information:


IA 2.13.16 The Valentines Day Massacre




MN 2.12.16 Winger

MN 2.13.16 Gutter Skunt

MN 2.13.16 In Defence

MN 2.13.16 Prima Nocta


South Dakota:

SD 2.9.16 Souls

SD 2.13.16 Tracings




WI 2.11.16 Act of Defiance

WI 2.12.16 Decivilize

WI 2.13.16 Cyanosis

WI 2.13.16 Something Wicked

WI 2.13.16 Dos Males

WI 2.13.16 The Fuck off and Dies

Logos Ironpaw: NYDM 5SRC MN Captain

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