Member Spotlight: Chris Stark

Chris Stark Member CardName: Chris Stark

Nickname: Iron Man

Rank: 5SRC Minnesota Captain

Time Served:

  • Began Prospecting – March 2012
  • Patched – August 2012
  • Prospected for Captain: April 2014
  • Ranked Captain: December 2014

Interests: cooking, building anything, video games, napping, road trips, football, spending time with family and friends

Bands: vocalist for a punk and ska band in high school named “Smokey”

Instruments: N/A

Favorite Genres: power metal, thrash, grindcore

Favorite Bands: too many to list, but a few are Rainbow, Dio, Eldergaad, and Crush Your Enemies.


Chris is an industrious man who is quite busy with work and family, but still has the time to be co-owner of Twin Town Tyrant Records along with Rob Carlson. He is a promoting machine! He has done everything from booking and promoting to road crew and stage management.  Chris is very involved with the club and loyally puts everything he has into making the scene thrive.

Favorite Quote: None, because he’s a man of action, not words.


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