Gorgatron: Thrasher Basher

Hey yo, Paul from Gorgatron here. Just a quick word on the making of our new video “Thrasher Basher”. This was our second music video we’ve released, shot by our friends Allan Towne and Jackson Wolfe of Undead Scene.

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to videos and in general we try not to take ourselves too seriously. In particular with this song, as the lyrics are about going to a thrash show, getting in a circle pit, and partying. The story with this video was as simple as; Karl will do all the cliché stage moves that we all laugh about, it pisses Cam and I off, so we slam him through a table. Also, we’ll throw in other stupidity like playing guitar with a slice of pizza an so on.

We staged a fight between us at two different shows to pull off a “Dudley Death Drop” on Karl and get decent video footage of it. It was hilarious that at both shows we sold it well enough for some people in the crowd to believe we were actually having a mid-gig meltdown. Also, I should add, do not to try this stuff at home. We got hurt during the stunt both times. The first was not too serious, just various bruises. The second show where we did the stunt, one of us walked away with a rib popped out of place. Not particularly enjoyable! So all in all, we had a lot of fun shooting this video and we hope you all enjoy it. More stupidity to come, I can assure you of that. Cheers!


Paul Johnson: NYDM 5SRC ND Captain

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