Member Spotlight: Joel Folger

Joel Folger Member Card

Name: Joel Folger

Club Name: N/A

Rank: 5SRC Minnesota Warrior

Time Served:

  • Began Prospecting – Spring 2005
  • Patched – Summer 2006
  • Ranked Captain – Spring 2008
  • Ranked Vice President – Winter 2009
  • Stepped Down – Summer 2012

Interests: collecting and displaying weapons, fishing, camping, social gatherings with friends and family, collecting rare currency, trading stocks, cars, travel

Instruments: N/A

Bands: N/A

Favorite Genres: Melodic black metal and technical death metal

Favorite Bands: Dissection, Dying Fetus, Death, Naglfar, Broken Hope, Suffocation


Joel is a very busy man. He has been trading stocks since he was 16 years old (with parental supervision). He has owned 30 cars and only recently sold the first one he ever bought at 14 years of age. He has a ’87 Buick Grand National that he brings to car shows and he has won many trophies for Best In Class. He loves to travel and is looking forward to visiting Ireland again soon. He is currently in the process of purchasing land in Costa Rica. His favorite liquor is scotch and his favorite scotch is Laphroig.

Joel’s metal journey began in middle school where he befriended a metal head. This friend played his favorites for Joel and from there the obsession began. He enjoys the fact that he likes almost everyone he has met through metal over the years, and almost all of his closest friends to this day are from the metal scene.

He met Don Decker and Will Rahmer at a show at The Inferno (MN) in the late ‘90s. Don frightened Joel because he was the craziest person Joel had ever met in his life. The years passed, and it seemed to him that everything in the scene involved Decker in some way, so Joel gradually got to know him. When things became comfortable enough, Don began talking to him about joining NYDM.

Comparing then and now, Joel feels that the club is very different when it comes to the people involved. Perhaps it’s because we’re older, but it seems to him that everyone is now doing what they do in each other’s best interest. He says that people have their shit together and keep each other in line these days.

Favorite Quote: N/A

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