What’s Metal This Week?

Hey folks! Sorry for the late start this week!

If you want a show in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin to be added to our METAL CALENDAR, here’s how to let us know:

Our Contact Us form

Email: nydm5srcnews@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger: NYDM 5 State Regional Chapter Facebook Page

Here’s what’s going on this week! You can click on each flyer or link for more information:



MN Hex Vortices

MN Winter Metal Meltdown Fest

MN Highgraves


WI 12.30.15 The Fine Constant

WI 12.30.15 Zafakon

WI 12.31.15 Conniption

WI 12.31.15 Killing Rapunzel

WI 12.31.15 Soup Moat

WI Micawber

2016 is coming! Ring it in with metal!

Logos Ironpaw: NYDM 5SRC MN Captain

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