What’s Metal This Week?

If you know of a metal show in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin that should be added to our calendar, here’s how to contact us:

Our Contact Us form

Email: nydm5srcnews@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger: NYDM 5 State Regional Chapter Facebook Page

Here’s what’s going on this week! You can click on each flyer for more information:


12.12.15 By The Thousands

Cranial Decay/RM-212/Thought Fracture


12.8.15 Havok

12.10.15 Bongzilla

12.11.15 Ethicist

12.11.15 Reverend Poky Bunge

12.12.15 Impaler

12.12.15 Do As The Romans Do

12.12.15 Mortificator

12.12.15 NYDM Toys for Tots Cities

12.12.15 Saliva

12.12.15 Soil


12.10.15 Soil

12.11.15 Maiden Milwaukee

12.11.15 Soil

Infernal Altar/Cold Colours/The Ronald Raygun/Do It Yourself Daisy

12.12.15 Carbellion

12.12.15 Ethicist

12.12.15 Killing Rapunzel

12.12.15 Bongzilla

Get your metal on!

Logos Ironpaw: NYDM 5SRC MN Captain

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