Daigoro: An Interview

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I was fortunate enough to catch Daigoro for an interview right before they started practicing earlier this week! It was quite fun to speak with them and I learned a lot about the band and their involvement in the Twin Cities metal scene. I highly recommend checking out the links provided throughout this interview so you can get a broader view of the band than text can provide!

Logos Ironpaw: Let’s start off with introductions. Who is Daigoro composed of and what does each member do?

Eli Funaro:DaigoroLive

Rocky Shurr -Guitar

Anthony Columbus- Guitar

Nate Koffron – Vox

Chris Bartsch – Bass

Eli Funaro – Drums

LI: I tried looking into the meaning of Daigoro on Google but the results were spotty. Would you care to explain the name of the band?

EF: It’s from the movie Shogun Assassin, based on the Lone Wolf and Cub comics. Daigoro is the name of the son of this bad ass samurai executioner.

LI: That makes sense! Most of the results that popped up were Japanese in origin. One was about a Godzilla type monster. Being a fan of Godzilla, I was kind of hoping that was it, but Shogun Assassin is a good source as well!

NK: Cunt Hat and Queef Snorter weren’t as catchy.

LI: Says you!

NK: Haha…

EF: Yeah, we kinda settled on Daigoro. The night we tried to come up with a name went in odd directions. We were almost called Punch a Stripper. We figure Daigoro is the perfect death metal name, one that no one will ever be able to pronounce, just like a death metal band logo.

NK: That’s a better answer; we’ll just go with that from now on.

LI: Do you feel that you represent any particular genre/subgenre of metal?

EF: Thrashgrind. When we first started out we wanted to be a thrash band, but then once we got everyone together it kind of became an old school death metal type thing. Over the years we just keep getting faster and faster, getting to sound more like grind. Still got thrash riffs here and there, only we just put blast beats over them. So, we just say we are thrashgrind with old man attitude and disgust.

NK: I consider us grind, in a Napalm Death sense.Daigoro5050100

EF: We tend to rip off Napalm Death a lot. When we’re writing a song and we get in a slump, we just ask ourselves, what would Napalm do? Seems to work.

NK: It’s performance art.

LI: What bands, aside from Napalm Death, influence Daigoro’s sound?

RS: Slayer, Kreator, Fetus, and all my shitty thrash bands I used to like.

EF: Metallica getting gang banged by Slayer and Dying Fetus while Napalm Death video tapes the whole thing. Rocky also has a Melvins fetish. He won’t be satisfied until we write Night Goat or Honey Bucket.

RS: Melvin’s are quite stroke worthy!

EF: Basically we go really fast until we go slower. For a time I wanted to be like Vader, Nile, and Krisiun with Suffocation style breakdowns. That didn’t happen though.

NK: For me, Anal Cunt, Pig Destroyer, and Suffocation.

LI: What topics do your lyrics usually cover?

EF: I write about shit that pisses me off, but Nate wrote lyrics too. A lot of our stuff was about the end of the world and how humans suck. Now I’ve been writing songs about how humans are stupid. Dawn of the Dumbfuck, Generation Exit, and Go Back to Your Home on Whore Island are all about how humanity as a collective are dumber than a pile of ashtrays

RS: Now we just sing about crabby old guy stuff. That’s becoming our niche, with Nate talking extra shit during our live show.

NK: Lyrically, it started off as the usual death metal fare; killing people, etc

LI: On a personal note, I know for sure that Eli and Nate are very passionate about human rights and social justice. Will future material from Daigoro be influenced by recent events?

RS: Influenced, yes. Specific lyrics about those events, no. There are enough shitty opinions flying around. I think we’d rather boil it down to a general “people are fucked up” theme.

EF: I do get inspired by current sociopolitical events but I don’t write anything specific. It all just kind of builds up until I get the urge to write and basically say fuck everything. We tend to be cynical and sarcastic with our lyrics. We poke fun at a lot of shit. We have a song called Booty Sweat, but the lyrics are about being pissed and frustrated at human stupidity.

NK: Eli and I both write kind of metaphorically, I guess. Some of it is pointed, but not all of it.

LI: Speaking of future material from Daigoro, what do you guys have in the works in terms of new songs, recordings, and live shows?

NK: We’re planning on recording a full length, hopefully soon. We have more than enough material. It always comes down to lack of funds for us, honestly. We’re playing a Toys for Tots on December  12th at Club Underground and Midsummer Nightmare this coming July. I think those are our only gigs at the moment.

RS: Writing new songs and hoping to record early next year. Our new shit is so much better than the previous demos and more representative of the style were settling into that we’re chomping at the bit to get something new out there. Faster, simpler, angrier.

LI: How long has Daigoro been a part of the Twin a Cities metal scene?

RS: Oh damn…

EF: Too long. Our first show was October 2005. Me, Anthony, and Rocky have known each other since high school. We knew Bartsch for a long time too. He was in Coherent Liquid Form which shared members with Demonicon, which is Anthony ‘ s other band.

RS: I knew me first. I think it’s part of the reason we’ve been together so long; that and none of us are alcoholics.

NK: Yeah, we’re total assholes to each other.  October was my 10 year anniversary. We opened of Die Choking from Philly at the Hex. Our first gig was at Rudy’s Coffee Shop with Nailed Shut and Vulnerata.DaigoroSuckas

LI: You have an impressive resumè, having played with such bands as Napalm Death, Nile, and Death Angel. Could you share stories about your favorite show with a national act?

EF: The Napalm Death and Exhumed show was really cool. Seeing Barney watching our set and bobbing his head gave me a little boner. Of course, our shows with Anal Blast were always fun too. Anal Cunt was awesome. Faggot played with us and a bunch of skinheads were so pissed at them. Seth from AC was laughing his ass off, then some guy threw a beer at Seth, the whole band got off stage and threatened the guy. Hilarious.

NK: Cattle Decapitation and Goat Whore at Station 4; there were like 15 people there. Anal Cunt and Napalm would be my top two.

RS: The “Iron Maidens” show for the Decker benefit that I helped save, haha! Or the show where we put the kissing booth on stage before Deterioration Jim played his set.

EF: Yes. That’s when we did our S.O.D. tribute.

LI: Which of your songs would you suggest someone listen to if they are new to Daigoro? If they’re accessible online I’ll provide links to them in your answer below.

NK: Guest List to the Extinction Event is probably the best representation of what we do currently, even though the song is old.

EF: Guest List has very noodley riffs. We play a lot shorter and faster now . We also got a video for Revelations, but we don’t play that song anymore.

LI: Is that the horror flick one?

EF: Yes. There also a behind the scenes doc on Revelations.

RS: Ah yes, with all the funnins. Caution! My belly is in there.

LI: If Daigoro were to parody any pop song from the last decade, what would it be and what would you do to show your hatred for it?

EF: You stumped us. Trying to think of a radio song is hard

LI: Take your time!

NK: Katey Perry – Firework. I’d kill those vocals, hahaha!

RS: I still want to make a video/remix of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” with videos of people getting swarmed by fire ants, engulfed in flames, etc. Let’s go back further than the last decade. Bullet boys… We’re on it. My Ska-rotum… We’re on it.

EF: I hate that Adele song; that one from a few years back. Running in the deep… Is that it? That shit was mad suckola. I feel bad for the dude she’s singing about, and I hate it even more all the bitches who try to sing along to it.

LI: I can’t believe she broke all those records with her new album.

RS: I can. She’s big and delicious.

EF: You see, people are fuckin’ stupid, buying that shit. I’m getting pissed again. I might just write a new song now.

RS: This is what happens when you’ve been eating salad all your life and someone comes along with a steak. People lose their damn minds… Sorry, tangent. Can we cover Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up”?

EF: Anthony wants to do a crabcore cover of “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry or The Doors “Light My Fire”.

NK: Bartsch would probably want to play “Classical Gas” or something, haha…

EF: Anthony likes them no tit, no ass skinny little boy bitches. Ass so flat it looks like two upside down Frisbees and shit.

RS: See…  Adele’s got those hams. Those Christmas hammmmmssss…

LI: Hahaha! I knew you guys would be a good interview! Thanks so much for your time tonight.

RS: Take care. Make sure to tell people you’re there to see Daigoro on December 12th so it looks like we actually draw.

NK: Like I said, it’s performance art. We’ll either suck or we won’t, haha…

Come to the NYDM 5SRC Toys for Tots Toy Drive to see Daigoro! I know I will! You can click the flyer below for more information. Be sure be there at 8pm so you don’t miss them, and please donate a toy for the less fortunate!


Logos Ironpaw: NYDM 5SRC MN Captain

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