Welcome to the Official Website of NYDM 5 State Regional Chapter!

Hey there Upper Midwestern metalheads! We finally have a website up and running! What you’re going to find here is:

  • Metal-related blog posts
  • A calendar to help you locate metal shows happening in your state
  • Photos and videos from local metal events
  • Links to local businesses and entities that¬†support metal
  • Information on locally operated metal radio stations, internet radio, and podcasts, including Ritual Madness Podcast – the official podcast of the 5 State Regional Chapter
  • Get to know the 5SRC by reading through our about us¬†section
  • Shoot us a message using our contact us page

We are still under construction, so you may not see some of these things immediately, but bear with us and we’ll have things running smoothly in no time!

Logos Ironpaw: 5SRC MN Captain

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