Spring Bash 2015

Spring Bash 2015 was a blast and, in my opinion, the best so far. There were three bands that stuck out in my mind that I wanted to talk about. The first band I’m going to tell you about is a club favorite. All the way from Olympia, Washington: Crush Your Enemies, Hug Your Enemies, or Crushing Enemas, whichever you prefer, haha! When they hit the stage there was wave of people pushing to the front and getting ready to pit. For those of you who haven’t checked them out, this is a must-see NYDM band that will never disappoint.

The second band that really knocked me off my feet was Striker from Canada. Striker has that amazing thrash and power metal feel to their music, which gets my blood pumping. On their first tour in the U.S. they had the crowd singing back and getting rowdy, which was an amazing feeling.

The third band that I blew me away was Medieval Steel from Memphis, Tennessee. This band has an amazing, old-school power metal sound, which is what I grew up listening to. All of these guys were amazing at their instruments and the vocals would make anyone want to raise some metal horns. Randy Kastner was front and center for their entire set with a smile on his face.

These are just three of the awesome bands that were playing the Spring Bash this year. If you get a chance to make a trip to Wisconsin next year, you will not be disappointed.

-Chris Stark: 5SRC MN Captain

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