Spring Bash 2015: Embalmer, Possessor, Artillery

This year, I experienced a lot of fantastic bands that one rarely gets to see on the same bill. The 2015 NYDM Spring Bash was a 3-day heavy metal festival in Cudahy, WI booked by Randy Kastner (NYDM Midwest Regional President and Savage).  On the bill this year was a wide variety of death, thrash, black, brutal death metal, and grind bands.  Three bands I’d like to talk about are Embalmer, Possessor, and Artillery.

Embalmer is one of the bands I was most excited to see on the Spring Bash 2015 bill. I’ve been a fan of their extremely brutal death/grind composition since I first stumbled across them online.  Their performance surely did not disappoint. They had very good stage activity with brutal delivery.  This death metal group from the early 90’s has a very gritty and aggressive sound both live and on recording.  Their set went rather smoothly with no complications and had a very good draw.  I strongly suggest you get off your ass and get yourself to an Emblamer show. Get dirty in the pit to some morbid death metal!

As a die-hard thrash metal fan, I really loved Possessor and their set. They have a new-age thrash metal feel while respecting the roots of the genre.  Possessor had a great stage presence with traditional thrash metal style. One thing I will say is they may have had the loudest performance of the night. They were energetic playing songs from their full length and their EP, appropriately entitled “Make Them Eat Metal”. That’s exactly what will happen when you see them on stage. You will be force-fed fucking thrash metal. Despite a few technical difficulties, the show went off with very powerful support.  It’s refreshing to see a thrash metal band with a modern sound stay true to those old thrash metal elements.

It’s not every day that you get to see a fucking thrash metal legend. Artillery from Denmark are one of the very earliest thrash bands. Their set was very professional and solid, as you would expect from a band that has been in the game since the beginning.  I’m very grateful to have heard a set of material from all across their career as thrash icons. While this band hasn’t gotten the big break they deserve, you can look into the crowd and see that they have a ton of support both young and old. Their set was well put together, but also retains that powerful and in your face metal you’d expect from an old school thrash band.

-Brian Olson: 5SRC MN Warrior

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