Jake’s Spring Bash

It was a nice four hour drive to Randy Kastner’s house, in which Robin and Randy put us (Grave Remains) up for the night. Waking up in the morning we found a killer breakfast of baked french toast and a scrambled platter mix. It was a great way to start the day (thank you Robin).

As we pulled up to the The Metal Grill, it seemed like a lot of bars in Milwaukee area. You are greeted with a “Drink Blatz” sign and I know of only one person that drinks the stuff on a regular basis. Russ, Andy, and I set up the cabinets for backlining the weekend and chit chat with the bartenders. Of course Paul Ochtrup is there waiting.

The first night went very smoothly and every band kicked ass, of course. The ones I remember that night are Dray Road, Beyond Deth, and I think Anger as Art played Thursday as well. Russ got me Hubris, Inc. which is an Anger as Art album and a great one at that. Andy Person, Paul Ochtrup, and I got to be the stage hands that night. We had no problem helping.

I believe it was Friday that the Oly Crew showed up but maybe that was Thursday. Paul, Jaime, Pat, and Derek are pretty interesting to say the least. I don’t know how many of the other prospects had to smell the finger of Derek, but it’s in your best interest to just get it over with because otherwise you’re going to be on his list.

Anyway, I got to hang out with those guys back at the hotel and bullshit all night. Andy ended up buying him and I Oly Crew supporter patches; a momento, if you will, of that experience. Once again the ship ran smoothly as Russ and a couple of other guys ran stage that day.

The food at The Metal Grill was great. I personally didn’t get to have any of the bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks or steak bites but I heard they were awesome. I did get to enjoy the nachos. They pile toppings on a tortilla shell that you get to wrap up after you’re done and have a second meal. A shout out to Tina and the other bartenders for putting up with all the club members! I don’t believe there was too much trouble.

As for Saturday, we (Grave Remains) got to kick off the day and after a Black Magic sound check. Grizz had us dialed in.

Another shout out to that great sound guy! He killed each day, all the bands sounded great. Thanks to all who watched us, including some guys from Whiplash (Dank and Tony I know for sure). Once again some names are a little fuzzy because you get to meet so many new faces, so if I’m leaving anybody out, I apologize. Agrinex, fuck you very much. Good to see you guys again!

-Jake Lundt: 5SRC WI Warrior

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