Andy’s Spring Bash

Spring Bash 2015 was absolutely killer. I had an amazing time. Randy Kastner, you put on one hell of a show. I thank you very much. I’d also like to thank Russ, Jeanne, and Jake for being great friends of mine. I love you guys.

From the start, it was badass. Thursday, I was involved in running the stage. I love doing that. What made it awesome is there were three prospects running it: Jake, Paul, and I. I think we kicked ass. I’d work a stage with you guys any day. It made me proud. I introduced myself to and met so many people that it’s hard to remember them all. I saw many I’ve known and had conversations with members I’d onl met on Facebook. And then crazies; I like crazy. Hanging out with Luigi was awesome. Blackberry brandy will kick anyone’s ass, dude. It was good to meet Jason Mitchell as well, then there’s the Oly Crew. It was badass you guys drove that far – that was nuts.

I’d like to congratulate all the prospects who got patched in. There was a lot and deservedly so. That was cool as hell how many people got patched in Saturday. You all worked hard as hell for this. Being accepted into this family has to feel good. What a reward!

Now for bands. Holy hell, the bands were amazing! I got to hear a bunch of stuff that was new to me. Being stuck in the Northlands of Wisconsin, I don’t get to hear a lot, but seeing Wrath was awesome! Diabolical Possession kicked my ass. Thanks Chad. Legion was awesome. Sexual Atrocities was excellent. Beyond Death is always badass! Hanging with Tony from Whiplash was also badass. Hellwitch was sick as hell and Deceased kicked fucking ass. Every band brought it heavy as hell and I thank you all!

I can’t wait until Spring Bash 2016!

-Andy Person: 5SRC WI Warrior

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